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For instance, two of three profiles include birthdays and nearly as many provide a high school name, giving clues to where the users grew up.With a birthdate and hometown, scammers can guess most, if not all, of the nine digits of your Social Security number, researchers say."Almost everything you say and do on social networks is public by default," says Sarah Downey, privacy analyst for Abine, which offers free software that blocks companies from tracking your online wanderings."And a lot of scams occur because there's too much personal information out there." Here's what you should do to protect yourself: • Don't post scammer-useful info. Some 13 million Facebook users in the United States never do, says Consumer Reports — and with dozens of possible settings, it can be confusing.

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Someone who moderates on Hot or Not posted a question to Yahoo Answers saying that her moderator login now goes directly to Badoo.What's more, roughly one in four Facebook users has a "public" profile that allows anyone to see such information, estimates the 2012 Identity Fraud Industry Report by Javelin Strategy & Research.Maybe that explains why Javelin estimates that Facebook users with public profiles report being victims of identity theft nearly twice as often as others.Other sites that also use Badoo’s service like this include Badoo says it got this wrong: it no longer works with On the link up with Hot or Not, a spokesperson tells us the deal was attractive for two reasons.

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