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i have had a look at this exceltelemedia live chat but i dont think i could go as far as chatting on the phone to these men. you DO get paid for 2000 messages, you have to take in the fact that bank charges etc and deposit banking will cost a buisness for making these payments everymonth and it would not be worth them paying out 30 a month wage if it costs them half or near that to process it.any questions please feel free to ask H xx Hi there i am a moderator for text 121 they have never not paid anyone unless they do not meet there minimum of 2000 a month. so the minimum allows you to earn more and makes it worth whilse for everyone.

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hello, im currently working for text 121 and i have been for the past 2 months, i got paid last week and everything went through fine, fair enough you have to do 2000 texts a month but i have a 4 yr old son and i work full time and i manage it just fine.Apply Now We have Adult Phone Operative vacancies for a bubbly and chatty applicants. Hi All I need a bit of extra cash so I've applied to Text121 do some some work after my boys have gone to bed. I have examples of some text that i could be answering but I'm stumped on this one.Ah I see, so you type, that's a lot better then than putting it on the phone, mind you I spend a lot of time on here anyway, why not just do that too??! It was actually my fiance who came up with the idea!He's more than happy for me to do it as he knows it's not actually me thats sending the messages, it's the persona thats given to me.

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