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Cost: Problem: An administrator whose arm is in a cast types with one hand.She finds it awkward to capitalize letters because the shift key and the letter key must be pressed simultaneously.This raises an important question: Are accommodated employees as productive as non-disabled co-workers?Research suggests that people with disabilities are more effective in their jobs than their non-disabled colleagues. It compared employees with and without disabilities in terms of Safety, Attendance and Job performance.Expensive when first brought to the market, adaptive technologies are becoming affordable.A voice recognition system for a PC (personal computer) that cost ,000 in the late 1980s can be gotten now for 0 - 00.[Endnote 1] High-tech accessibility aids rarely require special computers., Alan Cantor illustrated the idea of employment accommodation for people with disabilities; discusses the role of human rights legislation in settling the question of who is responsible for providing workplace accommodations; and clarifies the extent to which an employer is responsible for ensuring that a qualified individual is accommodated. Cantor discusses the benefits of accommodating employees with disabilities.Arguing against the commonly held view that workplace accommodations are expensive, he demonstrates that many accommodations cost little or nothing, add value to the workplace, and result in significant benefits for a company.

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In 1994 the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) published data demonstrating that the majority of workplace accommodations cost less than US0. JAN reports the median cost of accommodating an employee is about US0. The National Council on Disability (NCD) Bulletin of April 1996 notes that accommodating a worker at Sears, Roebuck and Company averages .

Treating people equally does not always mean treating them the same.

In some situations, equal treatment for employees with disabilities may require different treatment.

Cost: Problem: A laboratory technician who is deaf cannot hear the buzz of a timer that signals the end of an experiment. Cost: Problem: An employer wants to make an elevator accessible to a new employee who is blind.

Solution: Apply adhesive-backed Brailled labels on all elevator control panels.

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