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The ability to discern between video broadcast and video-based chat from infancy, which researchers have only recently confirmed, could have a profound effect on our understanding of how the human brain develops—and specifically, how technologies can play a role in shaping abstract concepts early on.“Babies who are pretty young are able to pick up, in particular, whether or not an adult is actually responding to them in real time,” said Elisabeth Mc Clure, a researcher who focuses on children and media at Georgetown University. You see, for example, with Elmo, or on This is meaningful for a few reasons, not least of which is cultural.Extended families are increasingly spread across greater geographic distances.Of course, babies being babies, it’s hard to know what they’re thinking just by watching how they act.“Just because they stare at a screen doesn’t mean they are interpreting it, decoding it, understanding it,” Rich said.

“Because they can’t really talk and so there’s no back-and-forth ...

“That’s what you would do if you were orienting a child to any other sort of new play situation, helping them navigate.

Trying to figure out what’s in the world and who's in the world—this can be done in creative ways across a screen.

If there’s something wacky about it, it bothers them.”Study after study has demonstrated that when the natural timing in an interaction lags, it can “really hurt a baby’s ability to learn,” said Rachel Barr, a developmental psychologist at Georgetown.

“So it’s an interesting question: How do we form a knowledge of people if we’re only seeing them in two dimensions? "Babies end up learning best, perhaps not surprisingly, with guidance from a trusted caregiver.

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