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Suzi has a wonderful talent and showed us her gift and it was destroyed cause what certain people were focusing on. I love all of them, but the ones of Marilyn and Laura made me smile a little more.I love your work Suzi and keep up with that talent and if I ever need you, I’ll call you. I felt horrible when I heard that the pictures of Matthew were removed. I especially love how close Matthew is to his family; coming from a large family myself, I understand what that means, and it’s that realization that makes me cherish every moment I have with them. Their family seems awesome (super jealous you got to meet them, by the way), Matthew and his mom could be twins. 😀 Sincerely, A very creepy Criminal Minds fan, otherwise known as Leila I really don’t know why people is so mean to Ali Michael, that girl is AMAZING! I don’t think it should matter if they are dating, Matthew deserves to be happy. – Maddie aw darn, I really wanted to see the ‘bubble blowing’ picture listed on the description of an image of this wedding from google image search. Spenser Reid on CBS’ Criminal Minds), hired me to photograph her wedding to her fiance, Tom Di Giacomo.Marilyn and Tom were married in their private estate in beautiful Summerlin, a suburb here in Las Vegas.The pastor conducting the ceremony was the first I’ve seen to use an i Pad to refer to during the ceremony. As Matthew Gray Gubler escorted his beaming mother down the aisle, all the guests hummed the melody to “Here Comes The Bride.” It was perfect.🙂 Following the truly beautiful ceremony, the small group of close family was eager to get back into the warm house, as it was a wee bit on the chilly side.Part of it is because I am a perfectionist, so I was always 'studying.' But also, I was really fascinated by their lives and found comfort in seeing other girls doing what I was doing.

After the wedding, I naturally had to watch a ton of episodes to get myself more up to date on who Dr. I was bummed that I was unable to attend their full-blown reception at their ranch in Sandy Valley the next day, but I had another wedding already booked that day and wasn’t able to cover it. xoxo, Suzi Matthew Gray Gubler blowing bubbles after the ceremony with his girlfriend, model Ali Michael.We ended up outside, in their bedroom, and my favorite – in their laundry room. I’m also a photographer (well I hope to be, I’m still in school right now)and that must have been such a treat to photograph a ‘celebrity couple! Love the pics of Matthew and his girlfriend Ali…some good looking people right there.I thought the laundry room would be a lot of fun for these two! ’ I’m especially jealous considering Matthew is one of my favorite actors/people in general. Again, I can’t tell you how amazing the pictures are. Good luck in your life’s journeys as a photographer! I’m sure it would have been more thrilling for me if I would have at least seen one episode of Criminal Minds prior to the wedding though… I really, really LOVED these pictures of Tom, Marilyn, Matthew, Laura, and Tim (Laura’s husband) plus other FAMILY members, but why include Ali Michael?The story was actually about Gucci Westman—and she was pregnant! I think modeling, in a way, gave me more self-confidence because I wasn’t seen as a beautiful girl at my school or anything like that, but then I was in an environment where people were complimenting these things that I had been really insecure about.BROWS I was teased all the time at school for my eyebrows.

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