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” The question was not “Were you being honest with Melissa when you said that?

” It was “Were you being straight with Jillian (your alleged best friend) after that?

Most of us accept the fact that the Women Tell All show is filler. From the three whole minutes of scenes where Jason and Molly actually looked like a couple (they had so much of this footage, they showed the bathtub scene twice) to a Bachelor reject reunion party (I know Jesse Csincsak actually won, but it just never felt that way), you just got this feeling that they weren’t going to let the women talk much expecially not to Jason.

The first fifteen minutes were actually Jason Tells All.

I’m pretty sure that was Jason doing some sort of impression of Beavis as Chris Harrison brought out our “Right Reasons” Bachelor’s inner frat boy.

“Okay, Jason, how far did you really go with Jillian Harris and Molly Malaney? It’s just us and a few million viewers.” Jason feigns shock, rolls his eyes, breaks out his man giggle, then tells.

Jillian gets to ask her question of the Bachelor (though what happened to the sit down with the guy part?

) and she zings him, “You went out on night one and kissed me, then you go out the next night and kiss Melissa and tell her that you’ve never felt that way about a kiss. ”Jason, looks nervously at the camera, breaks out the man giggle again, and does the damage control thing, “I was just saying what I felt at the time.

Worse yet, Mom's going to see this and she's going to get custody.” At another point, Chris deftly punctures Jason’s whole “Just friends” thing with Jillian, by showing him the videotaped proof of the “benefits” part of the friends with benefits proposition.Not only do the producers leave this in for broadcast (who wouldn’t?As the two discussed their “journey”, in this case it doesn’t feel like a cliché, there was something genuinely romantic about it because the show didn’t do the whole fairy tale thing. While there’s been a lot of snark about Byron and Mary (including from me), I simply wish them well in real life.I think the energy from the Bachelor reject reunion was actually better than the show and I wondered briefly if they were using the footage to spawn a spinoff of some kind.

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