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Eventually, I left the mountain to pursue a career more in alignment with my degree.

Funny, the dating pool was larger but still sucked.

During those years there were several places to go dancing and I met a lot of people that way too, but the most interesting people came through the common of interest in animals.

Alas, most did not flag my interest (nor did all meet my dating criteria).

However, as usual, at least I had a lot of other pursuits. Upon my return to the mountains I ran a community service project in alignment with a second career (after an accident) and I met a lot of people through it but nobody suitable for dating.

In fact, the Mountain Folk Dating Criteria actually was written in response to the lamenting from one of my male pals who had tried the personals.

Now some singles hit the bar scene around these parts–but meeting someone when alcohol is involved doesn’t sound too good to me.

Two years later, I think it is a pretty good match–perhaps she should be a matchmaker and help all the other single people out. There you will make a lot of friends, have a good time, and perhaps you will meet someone.

IMHO just focusing on finding someone might make you miserable.

When I first moved to these parts in the 1980s, I immediately met someone at a business function and we soon began dating.

Once that relationship ended, although I had lots of offers, I really wasn’t too interested in the dating scene…which pissed off a lot of the guys I knew.

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