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While there are several reasons for doing this, one reason is to eliminate the double taxation feature of corporations.

As part of the conversion, the assets owned by the corporation must first be transferred to the shareholders in exchange for stock.

Perry Capital, the hedge fund firm founded by Richard Perry and Paul Leff in 1988, plans to wind down its main hedge funds, according to a letter sent to investors on Monday and seen by Reuters.

“Although I continue to believe very strongly in our investments, process and team, the industry and market headwinds against us have been strong, and the timing for success in our positions too unpredictable,” Richard Perry wrote in the letter. That was down from .9 billion as of late 2013 and around billion in early 2008, according to firm reporting seen by Reuters.

Each of these actions produces potentially taxable events at the corporate and individual shareholder levels.

Liquidation of the assets will result in a tax on the gains, similar to that observed in changing business structure.

The double taxation feature inherent in C corporations plays a special role in liquidation.

The liquidation of a company means that the business operations have ceased and the assets and property owned by the corporation are redistributed.

Gain is calculated by subtracting the value of the property transferred from its worth at the time it was acquired.

The shareholders are also taxed on the transfer, provided the assets exceed the value of the stocks traded.

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