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By default XMLInput Instance() or Factory() returns Wstx INput Factory which in turn creates the Validating Stream Reader and thus unmarshalling fails.Somehow we need to get either the XMLINputfactory Impl object instead of Wstx Input Factory so that unmarshalling works. Document Insert Doc For Preview(Document Insert at sun.reflect.Action Listener Impl.process Action(Action Listener at javax.faces.component.UICommand.broadcast( at javax.faces.component. UIData.broadcast( at javax.faces.component. UIView Root.broadcast Events(UIView at javax.faces.component. UIView Root.process Application(UIView at faces.lifecycle. Invoke Application Phase.execute(Invoke Application at faces.lifecycle. Lifecycle Impl.execute(Lifecycle at javax.faces.webapp. Faces Servlet.service(Faces at org.apache. Standard Wrapper.service(Standard at org.apache. Application Filter Chain.internal Do Filter(Application Filter at org.apache.

Standard Wrapper Valve.invoke(Standard Wrapper at org.apache.

Default Protocol Chain.execute(Default Protocol at

Http Protocol Chain.execute(Http Protocol at grizzly.

Illegal State Exception: XML Stream Exception: XMLStream Exception: Validating Stream Reader at com.aspose.cells.a.c.z.a(Unknown Source) at com.aspose.cells.a.c.z.a(Unknown Source) at com.aspose.a(Unknown Source) at com.aspose.a(Unknown Source) at com.aspose.k(Unknown Source) at com.aspose.a(Unknown Source) at com.aspose.a(Unknown Source) at com.aspose.cells. Method Binding Method Expression Adapter.invoke(Method Binding Method Expression at faces.application.

Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor at reflect. Tag Method Expression.invoke(Tag Method at javax.faces.component.

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