Common complication of sedating a patient prior to intubation

You are therefore the most important link in the chain of safety in the medical certification process.While performing your CAME function, you are acting as an agent of the Minister of Transport, so Transport Canada will indemnify you for any litigation that may come from your aviation medical examination activity which is conducted in good faith.The medical handbook part of this document is not a text on aviation medicine, it is merely an introduction to the subject and covers the basic facts that you must have to understand the medical problems associated with flight.It will help you deal with many of the questions you may be asked and hopefully will encourage you to further study the subject.Figure 1 - Transport Canada Regions All pilots, flight engineers, and air traffic controllers must be licensed by Transport Canada, General Aviation Branch.After completing such requirements as flight training, written examinations, and flight tests, an applicant is granted a licence by the department.Interested physicians apply to the CAM office in their region and are interviewed by the RAMO prior to appointment.

This organization was set up to establish rules and regulations for the safe conduct of civil aviation.

Recent changes in the medical certification process, and delegation of validation authority to the examiner have not resulted in increasing the exposure to litigation, and will therefore not result in increases to malpractice insurance premiums for CAMEs.

Accompanying this book is a video outlining the changes that have taken place in the medical certification process, and showing you how to complete the Medical Examination Report form (26-0010) completely.

CAM Headquarters is located in the Transport Canada Building, 330 Sparks Street, Tower "C", Place de Ville, Ottawa, K1A 0N8.

The mandate of CAM is to provide medical advice and assistance in setting out physical standards for Civil Aviation personnel; to advise in all problems connected with the health of travellers by air.

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