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When you have no insurance, the birth of a baby is about ,000 dollars when you think of how long your wife stays in hospital, care of the infant, how many doctors ( obstetrician, anestheologist, surgeons, pediatricians) and any meds that might be needed.Would you like to go out with a girl who would put YOU second, even if it is a very worthy cause (helping out the hungry)? I don't want a workaholic or someone who is married to his job.An ex of mine traveled quite a bit for work and it was partly why the relationship ended. A person cannot have a relationship with another if one is a workaholic. Dont set up bad habits of always working, just because you are single, as you wont have the chance to meet anyone if you are always working-plus, if all you know how to do is work, how will you change that for a relationship, if you dont practice it ahead of time?However, I think you're following the approach "I will get rich, and THEN I will live". So if you want to have a good relationship now, you will need to make time for it today, not 10 years from now. Find some friends until you can invest; I think that is a wiser option.If you don't think that's possible and the growth of your company depends on you making it the the first priority, please understand if your girlfriend does not settle for being second, and will look for someone who will put her first. Maybe you should postpone dating until you are in a position to put energy into a relationship. Just my humble opinion I don't mind it if a guy works overtime once in a while (I do from time to time), but not on a regular basis.

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    Though this brings back nightmares of My Space and the creeps who trolled for underage girls on that network (and gave rise to one of my favorite series on Dateline NBC), Google could actually work as a dating network given the construct of both profiles and Google’s inherent search algorithms.