Dating and atheist

Age 39 From Göteborg, Sweden Online - 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man (577 Kilometers Away) Jag är glömsk och glömmer oftast varenda tid jag får att passa. Jag älskar människor i rätt portion och min största idol är min mamma.

Jag föddes för snart 32 år sen i Libanon, men hann med min första svenska klass i...

I love this man so much, and I really don't want our relationship to end.

I've been up at nights and crying because I worry over it. Kids ask you if there's an afterlife, why do we have to go to Mass when daddy doesn't?

I want to do it again, but I don't want to sin. But the worse part of this problem is what he said.

He said that in a relationship, he believes in The Triangular Theory of Love, which states that a solid romantic relationship must have intimacy, passion, and commitment. I told him that I understand his belief in this, but I don't understand why he needs this to be fulfilled before marriage.

Again, you and she might have enough character to beat the stats.

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I appreciate and love that he's being completely honest with me, but I felt discouraged at that.At first, it was supposed to be a casual dating situation, but it turned into something much more; I'm in love!As I've mentioned, he's an atheist, so we RARELY agree on religious issues.I feel confused, especially since he always asks how sex could be a sin if we both love each other and aren't hurting anyone.What's worse is that though I know that it's a sin, I still feel tempted to do it again.

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