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A standard piece of database design guidance is that the designer should create a fully normalized design; selective denormalization can subsequently be performed, but only for performance reasons.However, some modeling disciplines, such as the dimensional modeling approach to data warehouse design, explicitly recommend non-normalized designs, i.e. Normalization consists of normal forms that are 1NF,2NF,3NF, BOYCE-CODD NF (3.5NF),4NF and 5NF The physical design of the database specifies the physical configuration of the database on the storage media.Within the relational model the final step above can generally be broken down into two further steps, that of determining the grouping of information within the system, generally determining what are the basic objects about which information is being stored, and then determining the relationships between these groups of information, or objects.

In the relational model these are the tables and views.Because an address is determined by a name, an address is considered dependent on a name.(NOTE: A common misconception is that the relational model is so called because of the stating of relationships between data elements therein. The relational model is so named because it is based upon the mathematical structures known as relations.) Once the relationships and dependencies amongst the various pieces of information have been determined, it is possible to arrange the data into a logical structure which can then be mapped into the storage objects supported by the database management system.Database design is the process of producing a detailed data model of database.This data model contains all the needed logical and physical design choices and physical storage parameters needed to generate a design in a data definition language, which can then be used to create a database.

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