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The bay, however, shows tourism’s impact: the clearing of mangrove forests to make way for jetties and piers, marine life threatened by game...

Prestigious, classic and sophisticated, this stylish apartment suite offers the ultimate in finest accommodation on board.

Few places in the world touch the emotions as readily as Vietnam, with its spine-tingling scenery, rich culture and fascinating history.

This cruise visits some of the most beautiful spots on earth - like exquisite Ha Long Bay, where shark fins of limestone rock erupt from the water.

It is at the southern foot where you will find most of the city-state’s action, with its gleaming office towers, working docks, and futuristic "supertrees," which are solar-powered and serve as vertical gardens.

Offshore are Sentosa and over 60 smaller islands, most uninhabited, that serve as bases for oil refining or as playgrounds and beach While we're at sea, enjoy wine tastings, designer boutiques, language and dance classes. Romantically referred to by the French as the Pearl of the Orient, Ho Chi Minh City today is a super-charged city of sensory overload.

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    Cherry blossoms date: Early April, usually a few days prior to the cherries in other spots in the city. Philosopher's Path: The pleasant path is located beside a canal that heads to the Silver Temple, providing lovely sakura blossoms and a chance to watch people in traditional kimono, perhaps even running into a few geisha girls. Opening date: Early beginning of April Maruyama Park: The pack is usually packed with local as well as foreign visitors during the hanami season.

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