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Yahoo has understandably voiced strong denunciations of the program, calling it a “whole new level” of violation of their users’ privacy.

And it will not require typing the code again once connected previously.This provides strong evidence (if not outright proof) of one of the most pervasive conspiracy theories about global surveillance: that international alliances fundamentally undermine limitations on domestic spying.Though the documents do not explicitly refer to collection of American conversations, GCHQ has no ability (nor stated wish) to exclude US or UK connections from the Optic Nerve program, making it a virtual certainty that such records were collected in enormous volumes. Americans may not spy on Americans, nor Britons on Britons — but of course, an American could spy on a Canadian.More than that, it is among the first pieces of direct evidence that substantive sharing of intelligence between Five Eyes countries could threaten privacy worldwide.Please check if you removed the battery plastic pull tab.

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