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To find out, we grilled three women about the ups and downs of when they get down to business… On the other hand, I also know from personal experience that if a guy is crazy about a girl, and they move really fast, all the rules go out the window.In fact, this is the way MOST of my relationships have started.Lately I’ve noticed that I have been getting a lot of Google hits from people searching the topic “How to meet a girl who plays Wo W.” As it just so happens, I am a girl, and I play Wo W. To do that, I’m going to assume a couple of (pretty major) things: 1) you are searching for ways to meet girls who play Wo W because you genuinely want a friend or girlfriend who is interested in the game, and 2) you are not a stalker. It occurs to me that there are many different types of girls and that many of you are in different sorts of situations. For our inaugural installment, I’m going to start with the scenario I am most familiar with–how to convince a non-gamer girl to play Wo W. Real Life Example: I honestly did not know Nick played Wo W until I had known him (as a friend) for about 6 months. But I did know that he played video games, that we had similar interests in geeky things (one of our first in-depth conversations was about how we both want to go to Comic-Con), and that we really enjoyed each other’s company.Therefore, I am going to write a series of blog entries that address these different types of people/scenarios. Alright, so, buckle up boys and girls, heeeeeere we go! Just Talk to Her Just because a person is a girl who isn’t necessarily into gaming, does not mean that they are snotty and above you and think you are a geek. However, I can tell you with a good amount of certainty that if the first thing he said to me had been “Hi, I’m Nick.I’d never known anyone who played, let alone seen the game in person, and was kind of fascinated. And after I saw Nick play he asked me if I wanted to create a character. (I think it was a blood elf hunter.) So he showed me how to play for all of 30 minutes, and then I was bored and wanted to watch TV. Nick never pushed the issue or pressured me into playing–.

Now, within seconds, you can connect with huge numbers of people who share very specific interests. There are a number of options within Gaming Passions to help connect members, including the following: Video Gaming ‘Groups’ allow members to find others who share very specific interests / similarities.At this point, even if she is just a friend, you guys care about and respect one another.So now is the time that you can bring up Wo W again.And if she immediately reacts negatively, don’t be offended, and don’t just stop talking to her after that.Keep pursuing the friendship/eventual relationship and let the Wo W issue blow over…don’t let yourself become discouraged. Slowly Introduce Her to the Game So, let’s say that you and this girl become friends, or even more than friends.

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