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But please be sure that update sql statement is correct and values you retrieve from the row are correct. For some, it’s the constant stress of balancing work and school with relaxation time. To make the page refresh I had a bindgrid() on the Row Comand event. Data binding is proper its working fine without this javascript function. upon clicking delete it should check whether atlease one check box is checked if not it should display a msg box stating that please check atleast one check box. Help me Thanks, naresh krishna [email protected] Great article! Hope you can help: Objective is to click on the image in the gridview to delete the record from the database, rebind, and display the gridview showing that the record is gone. The first click makes the page move slightly but it does not delete the record from the database.

I have a Grid View to bind a db table which has a function to delete a record(row). When you edit a row, controls in the row will changed to Text Box. One is to get the textbox control first, then retrieve the value from the textbox. Text; Try also to add this codes below protected void Grid View1_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) Hi, zippo: In your gridview, the data columns are generated automatically. My question is how can I write the code without repeat Grid View1_Row Deleting and just fire Grid View1_Row Deleting by a loop? In the following code snippet, I am trying to SELECT/EDIT/UPDATE/CANCEL/DELETE Grid View row.

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