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During that period, a number of ordnance facilities rebuilt large numbers of all types of military small arms, including M1 rifles.

For example, Springfield Armory manufactured 331,854 new M1 barrels between fiscal years 19 for use in overhauling existing Garands.

While the basic design of the M1 rifle did not change, there were numerous minor differences between the Korean War production M1s and those made during World War II.

Among the most apparent of these changes were the use of the latest pattern parts, such as the “T105E1” rear-sight assembly, and the addition of a relief cut to the operating rod.

World War II ended before many of these sniper rifles could be assembled, so a quantity of the modified receivers remained in storage at Springfield.

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The typical post-World War II arsenal overhaul procedure consisted of replacing worn, broken or superseded parts with newly made replacement components or serviceable parts salvaged from other rifles.For example, Springfield’s records indicate that more than 120,000 barrel blanks were rejected in early 1952 due to the use of an unsatisfactory grade of steel.To help alleviate such shortages, a contract was given to the Marlin Firearms Co. Springfield eventually corrected the metallurgy problems with the barrel blanks, and the use of Marlin-made barrels in new production Springfield M1 rifles was extremely short-lived.Most were stamped “SA 52” on the receiver behind the rear sight (to denote “Springfield Armory” and “1952” as the year of assembly).Other non-M1C Garand receivers on hand were used during this period to assemble M1s and were also marked “SA 52” on the receiver.

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