Harvest moon boy and girl dating guide catchy introductions for dating

_____________________________________________________________________________________ *Nami* Nami is potenially the smartest of your three prospects and she won't fall for cute lines or fancy flowers.You'll need to use you noggin to win the heart and mind of this worldly traveler.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ *Celia* Vesta makes no secret about finding a match for this girl.

Standing next to a tree immediately equips an ax and the protagonist gets chopping.

Little tweaks like this make gameplay much easier as you don’t need to swap through inventory items to do simple tasks.

Aspects such as fishing, mining and festivals return. For example, you’ll now be able to bring a pet dog to the Dog Racing Festival. So too is the option of dating one of five eligible bachelors or bachelorettes.

And, yes, there’s still no option for same-sex romance and marriage even though one Bokujou Monogatari title toyed with the concept in the past. There’s then the chance to raise a family on your lovely farm. Some improvements include the fact that now most items are context sensitive.

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