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"It's never really come up as an issue," says Lindsay. They're supportive of me whether I'm with a guy or a girl.

I am totally ok with Lindsay being sexually open, it's her right, but I hope she does not slip back into her drinking ways.Sources spilling to JJ, say Lindsay Lohan has always been quite open about sex "I would love to name all the young Hollywood she has slept with, but I will keep that for the ‘book.' Maybe she was tired of the boys and that is why she decided to spice it up with BFF Samantha Ronson.Here she gets a boy and a girl packaged all into one.Rather than hitting clubs like Crown Bar or Villa, she's been staying home more regularly, plopped in front of the television set. Building a presence online has helped her let people know "there's a person in here," Lindsay says, tapping her head."And I have feelings too, whether it's about politics, the person I'm seeing, the person I'm not seeing. I don't want people to think that I'm just an empty fucking whatever." Lindsay is reclaiming her music and acting careers as well as, like most personalities these days, launching a fashion brand.

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