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Cole congratulate him on beginning the important movement of bending the knee in sake of social injustices.

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The band's fidgety punk is artier than the music that typically inspires accountants to stalk guitar players, and little on its self-titled EP would tickle the ears of FM programmers.Fashionista Karen O’s New Look Is More Sophisticated:"With Karen, it goes beyond, like, ‘I'm gonna shoot fire from my tits,'" said Christian Joy, the designer behind Karen O’s stage outfits."It's not about looking crazy for the sake of looking crazy—even though I know Karen looks nuts most of the time." Karen O certainly digs the new look."I'm fine falling all over the place and letting everyone see my underwear," says the singer, who initially declined this interview out of "shyness." "The one thing that embarrasses the shit out of me is when my boobies pop out of my dress." While some listeners may head to shows anticipating popping boobies, others are more concerned with the garments from which they escape.Perhaps the only indie rocker with a personal seamstress—designer Christian Joy—Karen comes across as something like Chloë Sevigny with a backing band.

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