Mandating direct deposit in arizona

For Pinal County Superior Court cases please contact the Support Department at 520. Other resources to check for payments: Support Clearinghouse – Automated phone system Support staff can only complete an Arrearage Calculation on Non IVD cases.A case is considered non IV-D if neither party to the case has received cash assistance (i.e.

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(If your card has been lost or stolen, contact Bank of America immediately).Because employee payroll laws vary from state to state, employers with operations in multiple states must be sure to comply with the laws of the particular state in which it is doing business.Should you have any questions about these recent changes to the Michigan wage payment act or how to implement them, or should you have questions about any other labor or employment-related matter, please contact any member of Warner Norcross & Judd LLP’s Labor & Employment Practice Group.Establishes Paternity, Establishes or Enforces Support) - contact your case worker at 520.251.5900.If child support or spousal support is ordered through a divorce, custody or paternity case and is not being enforced by the DES Division of Child Support Services, your case is a Non IV-D case.

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