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Though he has been controversial for years for statements on women and sexuality, several tipping points likely led up to Driscoll’s resignation.Driscoll admitted to and apologized for comments he made under the pseudonym “William Wallace II” that were critical of feminism, homosexuality and “sensitive emasculated” men.

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His sermon podcast regularly occupies the top spot in i Tunes’s Religion & Spirituality category, and his online audience accesses about 15 million of his sermons each year.

At the height of his influence and popularity, Driscoll admitted that he harbored grand ambitions, both for himself and the church he built from scratch.

“I’m a guy who is highly competitive,” Driscoll said in a 2006 sermon.

Members of Mars Hill have sought more transparency from church leadership. “That’s my own little idol and it works well in a church because no one would ever yell at you for being a Christian who produces results.

A petition was launched requesting the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability to suspend Mars Hill’s membership over allegations of financial impropriety.

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