Nasty chats with men

He may be just unaware that his approach is viewed as being untoward and unnecessary by some.

I'm guessing the experience of a mansplainer by gender is that other men will more assertively push back or ignore a mansplaining know-it-all so his impact is neutralized.

Rather than question yourself and your abilities, you can instead label the behavior as someone else’s problem — not yours.

Backing off will only reinforce the impression that you are in need of being "educated." Mansplaining is easy to fix, as long as you know how to look out for it, whether you’re the target or the perpetrator.

Urban Dictionary defines “mansplaining” as this patronizing behavior of men toward women, or in their terms: “When a man speaks condescendingly to a woman on a matter he believes her to be ignorant of, when in fact his own knowledge of the subject is materially incomplete.Making matters worse, if women manage to overcome the affront constituted by this behavior to challenge the mansplainer, they place themselves in an awkward spot (being “accused of PMS” in the Reagle article).It seems, then, that mansplaining occurs when men assume that they’re naturally superior to women based on an area of expertise being highly gendered, such as the computer programming community.You’re a woman speaking to a male colleague about a common concern, when all of a sudden the conversation turns into a lecture by him to you.Pushing himself back in his seat, he proceeds to give you instructions about how to do something you know perfectly well how to do.

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