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I'm not saying you should lie, but you might reword it to something like "A bit of an introvert, looking to get out more", or something like that. You joined an online dating site where just about anything goes, and just about anyone can find someone, and you still can't bring yourself to approach women. The guy asks for help in how to interact with women and he probably didn't appreciate being called gay. Just because you CAN post in the forums, doesn't mean you should.sassy - Just because you think you know everything does not mean that you do.

Also, this line doesn't help you at all: "I'm what would generally be refered to as a 'loner'". It sounds to me like you are gay, in the closet so far you won't quite admit it to even yourself, and in need of some counseling. Perhaps he took the advice, admitted his gayness to himself, and went off to the gym to find a date.

I'd say a good start would be changing a few things on your profile. Women are looking for someone whom's self confident, and has a steady head on their shoulders. Yup, you are right, Men need Confidence, Women don't need Confidence, Women don't need to have a social status, Women just need to be cute, pretty, or good-looking.

The word "shy" will turn nearly every woman away, since it evokes lack of confidence. Like most guys don't care about a woman's personality if she is cute and good looking, like her looks will be more appealing to the guy.lucas213 - You are: single, with NO dating experience by age 30, because you spent so much time developing yourself (in the Mr. ), avoid places you could meet women-never seeing any except at work, where you can't/won't date them for ethical reason-and feel there is a mystical barrier between you and women.

There's a lot of great & effective dating material out there ( I know from experience, I've become very successful) that may be a good option also.

Hang in there, if I can go from being afraid to speak to a woman to having a date anytime I want, so can you.

Perhaps a better option for you may be to find an interest outside of the workplace that you are willing to commit to - charitable activity, outdoor hiking group, book club, dance lessons, etc. If you are busy pursuing an activity that you enjoy, you will develop new friendships that may lead to a romantic connection. Your introduction in your profile needs a major revamping.

You leave no indication that you are interested in meeting anyone at all - do not shut door here - keep this door open while pursuing other venues as well.

But he had already deleted his profile before you posted those remarks, I think. You need to be socially comfortable, spend time at places where you can get free experience.if ___________________I wouldn't be so sure the OP violated any ruling, this is up to the judgment of the posters involed.BUTT singling out a poster by name is in violation Doggonit cuddler, You make me laugh.Spend time at a bookstore, hang out at the mall, learn to speak to strangers and feel okay with that.Talk to salespeople and ask them a question or two , they're paid to be nice.

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