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“I understand why they say they need to do something, but I do not understand why they need to cut down four acres, maybe five acres of trees,” he said.

“We’re supposed to be preserving the forest.” When the state held public meetings about the plans last winter, some officials were shocked at the level of opposition.

The outcry prompted the state to scale back the development plans.

It’s unclear how much land would need to be cut for the work, but Michael Snyder, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, said the original plan was aimed at making the area safer and reducing pollution from the highway reaching the lake. There are increasing pressures that really need to be addressed.

Perkins said the idea still comes up occasionally, but there are no formal efforts underway now to ban nudity.

Zarnowski said Vermont’s laws are more relaxed than the neighboring Granite State. — For decades, the tiny, out-of-site beach at the south end of Vermont’s fjord-like Lake Willoughby has been known as much for its nudity as its views of the clear, cold lake.Now, regulars fear its charm could be the area’s undoing.Now, people park wherever they can find space along the side of the highway. It’s not sustainable, it’s not sufficient as is.” Shelah Vogel, of Newport Center, Vermont, said she fears the state’s proposal could turn the area into a state park that could eventually require paid admission, forcing out the skinny dippers.“It’s a much loved place, locally, regionally, state-wide. “This beautiful natural setting, it kind of lends itself to that, just total freedom from stress and society, crowds,” said Vogel, who says she visits the beach daily the summer.

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