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Now that DNC & HRC payment is known, all we get from is a short headline story (https:// that doesn’t get into any of the implications I listed above.

Also, it’s important to cover what’s wise in interpreting what reason to reject claims about Russian so-called “interference” in US elections: – it’s true that some Russians bought ads in media outlets and spent up to 0k to do this, and it’s true that this amount of money is orders of magnitude less than needed to have a discernable effect on US elections.

reddit consists of many discussion groups known as “subreddits” each covering a major topic, such as sewing.

Each subreddit hosts a series of posts grouped into conversations.

One can select a conversation like reading a thread in a mailing list and post or read whatever is there.

v=Xa HSz H6AJQk — Millenials subscribers pay for older media which means older media likes Trump even while they make fun of him; he’s saving their jobs, after all.Free speech: you’re free to say what wants to read.far_right_banned_-_2017-10-26_far_right_banned_-_2017-10-26_.png~24 KBShow Download This edition is media & Russiagate-heavy because of recent news documenting that HRC & DNC paid for it and were lying all along about their ‘outrage’ of not being covered.The attached picture shows the graphic now seen at https:// instead of the conversation threads.There is a big difference between a mailing list and hosting anything on an unmoderated mailing list typically immediately sends a copy of each post to all of the subscribers.

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