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The caller said, "pay it, or else.""Threatened to send the sheriff to my workplace, send a warrant for my arrest, and have me in jail for three years for fraud," De Virgilio said.

Dean was instructed to go to Walmart, load a Green Dot Money Pak card with the cash, then scratch off the back and call with the number."I read off the number, he wrote the number down, and he collected that payment.

Below you fill find a wide range of information on immigrant visas, including overviews of employment- and family-based visas, investment/business visas, tips on how to maintain your green card, and much more.

The Petition Virtually every application for permanent residence requires an associated immigrant visa petition.

Green Dot Money Pak cards serve a purpose for some people.

The cards aren't the problem, so remember if you use them, never share your number with a stranger.

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