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The Baltimore location was a success and it was evident that other locations could be, too.

“I’ve heard people call me 'white trash' since I was young — always other white people, and it’s so hurtful,” said Nancy Horton, 63, a retired security guard, who lives on 0 a week in a trailer park on Route 322 in Honey Brook, Chester County.“I’ve been white trash in my life – [the] emotionally and financially hurting people.” In Kensington, you can hear people call others white trash all the time, said Karen Pushaw, a staff member of St. Kensington residents, she said, refer to the neighborhood as a kind of Appalachia in the city.While whites throw around the term often enough, “usually up here, I hear it used more by black people,” Pushaw said. The term originated in the 1820s in the Baltimore-Washington area, where it was uttered by free blacks as an aspersion against poor whites, he said.As it turns out, there were many others who identified with the services and needs that Senior Helpers filled.Senior Helpers began building a reputation for itself as a professional organization with a dedicated staff of caregivers.

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