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Often coming from “La mujer […] Youth of all shapes and forms have voices that carry truth and passion. It gets buried in single story stereotypes and societal norms that tells us power comes with age or in the form of a white male.

At loveisrespect, we talk a lot about how to support someone you care about if they are being abused.

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I ended up in the hospital a few times and was put in counseling but I never spoke about the abuse. Nobody knew about the many deliberate close call, head-on collisions while he was threatening to "kill us both." Finally, after almost eight years of abuse, I knew I had to leave. I knew that if I continued on this path, I might never see the light through the darkness. I knew if I didn't leave I could fall back into the cycle.

The first step in domestic violence is to charm the victim; the second is to isolate the victim. I began believing I deserved the abuse, and thought everybody else believed I was who he said I was.

The hell became so familiar that it was easier to stay rather than leave.

I was born in Cairo, Egypt but my […] What is Machismo?

Machismo is a predominant “traditional” belief in Latinx communities that women are inferior to men.

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