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Polly sent her kid to a nice expensive public school.

Sending the letter to the Guardian was bang on the money, if a little obvious.

Rod Liddle salutes the genius of the Tory mayoral candidate in sending a spoof petition condemning himself and praising Livingstone to the skies to the Left’s in-house newspaper The battle to become Mayor of London is getting dirty.

Someone from Boris Johnson’s campaign team — or maybe Boris himself — put a hilarious spoof letter in the Guardian this week.

They abide beneath a cloak woven from the most extraordinary self-regard.

It was a very clever touch as well to ensure that about half of the signatories to the letter don’t live in London and therefore have no vote or indeed know what the hell they are talking about — the ubiquitous Billy Bragg, for example, who fled to Dorset some years ago, having suffered enough of Ken’s stewardship in the capital.

Asked about being a straight man playing a gay character, Donovan said at the time: 'It’s been good for me. They kind of assume I’m gay in real life and want to change me back.Trevor Timon, the man who killed banker Oliver Dearlove with a single punch has been jailed for six years.The 31-year-old, of Plumstead in south-east London, was cleared of murder earlier this week, but admitted manslaughter after he delivered a “powerful” left hook to Mr Dearlove’s head, knocking him unconscious, the Old Bailey heard.Of course I let them.'While there's no suggestion they're anything other than very close friends - Donovan has been tweeting recently about going on a series of blind dates - Kennedy family members worry that Kerry’s relationship with Donavan could spark additional censure for the controversial family.Trevor and Kerry are extremely low key and discreet. They are soul mates and have the same passions for social justice, outdoor sports and animals', the family member told Mail Online.

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