Updating old chandeliers

Wooden bushel baskets are repurposed as kitchen lighting.The conduits were covered in rope to give the fixtures a coastal look and to provide a nice contrast with the wallpaper-covered ceiling.His mattress has just been laying on the floor and nothing has really had a place.So, it’s not really his fault when I ask him to clean his room and he just shoves things in little nooks and crannies, is it?

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Old columns are easy to find at most any salvage yard, and it is just as easy to drill a hole toward the bottom of the column and wire it to make a floor lamp with tons of character.But after sleeping on it, I felt like because of the style of the home, there would be too much pressure to decorate it "When we found our current home (built in 1885), I knew I could renovate it without guilt because it had been reconfigured many times and most of the updates were from the 1980s.Still there were some original parts of the home (floors and moulding mostly) that we loved and decided to keep or restore.Or maybe there's a way to find a balance of both?When we were shopping for our current home three years ago, we almost bought a cute mid-century ranch.

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