Who is dana white dating trent reznor dating 2016

"He's always been very tough," says Joe Cavallaro, a former boxer and friend of White's from the hotel, and now the owner of MMA promotion World Championship Fighting. He was thin back then, but with big, big arms and big shoulders.

He's got a real nice jab, and there's nothing you're gonna do to outgut him." In time, White ran an inner-city boxing gym and started a boxaerobics enterprise akinto what Tae Bo would become in the late 1990s.

But he's right outside their door and he's got a couple of badasses with him.

In fact, Dana White just may be the next most powerful guy in sports.

Triple-G’s fun man, he’s the type of guy boxing needs, so it will be a fun fight.

He worked as a bouncer and later as a bellman at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

While the hotel job paid the bills, it also stood in the way of White's true passion: boxing.

It's been an unlikely journey for the unlikely sports mogul.

At 18, after living in numerous cities, White, an amateur boxer and lifelong martial arts aficionado, settled in "Southie," where he didn't mind proving himself regularly in bar and street fights.

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