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But for the time being, what we know about him is that he is as straight as anyone could be.This young actor born in 1980, is 37-years-old as of 2017.

But these achievements are far from describing Gubler’s multi-talented personality, and parallel to all this, Gubler also started directing films."He definitely chooses really interesting faces."Gubler's choices extend to his own character; although he acts the part of the impossibly brilliant polymath Dr.Spencer Reid, he's always balked at the idea of playing him as a stereotypical nerd, and from Season 1 he's fought the image. I just wanted him to be out of step, sort of not in any era necessarily." "I don't even like calling him a nerd," Messer said of Dr. "In a way, he's almost a callback to nerds before (current) technology took off." Dr.He started his career in modeling as early as his film school days, where he worked for DNA Model Management Company and modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, Marc Jacob and was also listed in the top 50 male models but it was his acting skills that caught the eye of public and gave him the success he had long dreamed off.He received the ‘Screamfest best actor award’ in 2014.

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