Windows class error when updating

However, it’s far more likely that any problems you are experiencing are the result of doing something like typing in an incorrect namespace or trying to connect to a remote computer where you do not have local Administrator rights.

This document (developed in conjunction with the WMI team at Microsoft) is designed to help you troubleshoot problems with WMI scripts and the WMI service.

Exec Query("Select * from Win32_Tape Drive") For Each obj Item In col Items Wscript. Name Next Suppose you don’t have any tape drives installed on the computer.

If the script works your problem likely lies in making a connection and could be due to a firewall or DCOM setting.

Important Before you begin repairing suspected problems with the WMI service it is strongly recommended that you run the new WMI Diagnosis Utility. Most likely you will never even know that the service had been stopped. You bet there is: if you are having problems with a WMI script, don’t jump to conclusions and assume that WMI is broken.

You should always run this utility before making any changes to the WMI service. For example, suppose the WMI service is stopped, yet you still try running a WMI script. If you have a script that doesn’t work it’s usually due to a problem with the script and due to a problem with WMI.

You can find a fairly extensive discussion of WMI and remote machines in the WMI SDK topic Connecting to WMI on a Remote Computer.

Typically invalid namespace errors are due to one of two problems.

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