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Click on the 'Next' button of this page to start the process.

Step 3: Once you click on the 'Next' button of the welcome page, it will go to the "Testing Options" page.

Do Microsoft really believe that, by telling me my copy of their out-of-date product is not genuine, I am likely to go out and buy a copy of Vista?

I am much more likely to remove Windows and to install a free copy of Ubuntu Linux.

Not sure how long the OS will allow continued use in this state.

This is a guide to fixing the erroneous message that sometimes appears on installations of Windows XP where the display background is forced to black and a pop-up message states that “This copy of Windows XP did not pass genuine validation.” The Microsoft page referring to the display is at but this does not provide a simple fix where the message is displayed in error.

Before adopting Windows 10 as the default operating system for new PCs, UIS will endeavor to test commonly used and high-importance technologies to make sure they work on Windows 10. The team will research fixes, workarounds and alternatives, will consider the business impact to the university of what they have found, and will consider this when making their final decision.

Click the checkbox for each shared disk which will be used for your SQL Server cluster installation. Step 7: Once the cluster validation completes, a summary window will appear with the cluster validation results stating whether the cluster is healthy or has any issues.My wife is in love with the Windows-version of the Aerial screensaver which pulls videos from Apple’s Apple TV screensaver source.(I too have the Mac version running on my Macs.) Unfortunately, recently, my wife’s Windows 10 machine has had some issues activating the screensaver.These instructions attempt to address that problem.Microsoft also provides more information on genuine Microsoft software but I do find it odd that they even care about Windows XP, three months after the final end-of-life date for the product.

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