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These are sort of magic spells which women supposedly succumb to. This rule states that you have a limit of three seconds to speak to the HB (Hot Babe) in question.You could always try a Neg (when you say something provocative about the person you’re trying to get off with).There are many ways to explain why things aren’t working out in the romance department.Nina Pauer of the German newspaper says it’s all down to the way gender-based roles have evolved. For the transformational psychologist Robert Betz it’s all down to the way we live today. The seduction community has its own way of looking at this.

And – an intelligent well rehearsed opening conversational gambit is very often a better way of getting the ball rolling than by saying: 'Oh, are you here too? Flirt coach Maximilian Pütz, the author of ('Der perfekte Eroberer') describes the problem in these terms: 'It’s a bit like building a house.

You going to FMAC (Find Meet Attract Close) that HB (Hot Babe)?

Never mind what newspapers and scientists say all the time – you can’t dismiss 'Pick Up' patter as anti-woman techniques which men can learn (for a fee).

PU-novices and journalists 'miss the point' (actually two contrasting points) when it comes to the Copy-Cat method. Men’s collective confidence has taken a huge battering recently.

Show me the man who would dare go up to a woman he fancies when he’s out and about nowadays and actually speak to her.

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